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House To Home: February – March Update

House To Home: February – March Update

What a difference a couple months can make! Since arriving in Tauranga, NZ in December we have seen the Lord move in our life in such amazing ways. In addition to finding a wonderful car that perfectly suits our family’s needs, we also found a new house! It is incredible the ways that the Lord has answered our prayers, even some of the more hopeful and unique requests. Some of the special “gifts” that have come with this home are a large beautiful yard for Moira to play in, extra space to host friends and backpackers, and a landlord that understands and supports our vision for ministry. God is so good!

While a good amount of our time has been spent settling into our home, the Lord has also presented us with many opportunities for ministry. In January Wendy was asked by a young woman volunteering at our backpacker ministry, The Wharf, to be baptized. The baptism took place in the Pacific Ocean and was a beautiful moment of public declaration of her love for God! In early February we were invited to teach at a discipleship school in Wellington called “Welcome Home.” This school is led by some dear friends of ours and was filled with wonderful students hungry to explore the deeper reality of following God.


Towards the end of the month Noah had the opportunity to both preach at a local church on “Being Called” and to help lead one of our monthly Open Mic Nights. (If you would like to watch the sermon, click HERE.) This event took place outdoors in a busy spot in Tauranga’s City Center and was attended by more than 130 locals and international backpackers. The goal of the Open Mic Night is to not only give people the opportunity to share their talent, but to also connect with them personally and share the love of Jesus. It was a wonderful evening! To see more photos and videos of the event, visit The Wharf’s Facebook page by clicking HERE.


Moira’s New Adventure!

Moira has started Preschool! One of our prayer requests when we knew we would be moving to New Zealand was for God to lead us to the right Kindy (New Zealand name for Preschool) for Moira. We have been so blessed to find a Preschool that we not only like, but one that is only a 10 minute walk from our home!

Since day one, Moira has loved her experience in Kindy. She has already made some great friends, is developing her social skills, and is discovering new things about the New Zealand culture. Here she gets to learn how to use new tools, practice her Maori (the native language), and go on little adventures in the area. A few days ago she told us that she was able to play with a shark! A little surprised and confused, we asked her teachers the next day what Moira may have been talking about. Sure enough, they had not only brought a recently deceased small shark to class, but also dissected it so the kids could learn how bodies work. Wow! We don’t remember doing that in our Preschools!


We hope that this update has found you well. As always, to find out more of what we are doing with our life and ministry in New Zealand please check out our social media links at the bottom of this newsletter.

Thank you for all of your love, encouragement, and support. God is good!

Much love,
Noah, Wendy, and Moira Schneider

Upcoming Events– March 16-17: Steiger NZ Training Weekend

– March 31: Easter Outreach

– April 28: Open Mic Night

Prayer Requests & Praises– Please pray for the Lord to move powerfully in our upcoming local events.

– Praise the Lord for providing us with a reliable car & a wonderful home so soon after our arrival in NZ!

– Praise the Lord for the fruit we have seen in each of our ministry activities!

– Please pray for the remaining amount of monthly financial support we have yet to raise.

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Merry Christmas From Aotearoa!

Merry Christmas From Aotearoa!

Greetings from New Zealand or Aotearoa, “the land of the long white cloud.” After a long day of travel we arrived in our new home of Tauranga on December 8th! In addition to getting used to hearing the Kiwi accent wherever we go, we have had to adjust to one more major change: Celebrating Christmas during the summer! While we do genuinely miss the snow, I think we could get used to this …

Our first couple of weeks have been pretty eventful. Since arriving we have been working to get our bearings in regards to where things are in the city, spending time with the local Steiger team, and beginning to make a life here in Tauranga. A lot of our initial work has been pretty practical, like joining a bank, getting new phone numbers, buying a car, and finding a house to rent.

Things have been going great, so far, and we are beginning to feel more settled and familiar with our surroundings. One of the greatest things that has happened has been that Moira has friends she can play with every day! While we look for a new home, we have been blessed to stay in a flat below a fellow Steiger Missionary family with 5 kids. They have been so hospitable to us and aided in Moira feeling like this really is her new home.

We hope that this little update has found you well and that you have a wonderful Christmas season. Thank you for all of your love and support during this time of transition!

Much love,
~ Noah, Wendy, and Moira Schneider

Here We Go … Are You Coming?

Here We Go … Are You Coming?

Your read right! After 9 months of prayer, preparation, and meeting with present and future Ministry Partners we are now on our way to New Zealand. Thursday, December 7th, we will pack our bags and fly out to our new home in Tauranga. For those who don’t know, the city of Tauranga is located in the Bay of Plenty on the North Island. Here we will continue our ministry work with Steiger International.

Are You Coming?

We know that we are not meant to serve alone as missionaries in New Zealand. Community is an incredibly important part of our vision for ministry! As we’ve prepared for our move, we have taken steps to develop and grow our circle of Ministry Partners. These are the people committed to praying for us, encouraging us, and supporting us with their finances as we serve the Lord wherever He calls us to go. This community is an intimate part of everything we do!

So far, during our season in the States, we have been able to raise our “Launch Fund” and our “Go Budget.” These have enabled us to take the big first steps of moving to Tauranga and beginning our full-time ministry work. Our next step will be to raise our “Stay Budget.” Just like it says, this budget will allow us to continue our work in New Zealand long-term.

We would love for you to join us as a Ministry Partner! To “come with us,” please click HERE.

Thank you for all of your love and support during this season of preparation!
~ Noah, Wendy, and Moira Schneider

Get Involved With What God Is Doing In New Zealand!

Get Involved With What God Is Doing In New Zealand!

Please pray about joining us as a Ministry Partner in this next season of our life and ministry! As we prepare for our move to New Zealand we are continuing to look for more people to join us as monthly supporters. We have been so encouraged by the incredible ways the Lord has been faithful to provide for and sustain us in our previous years of ministry.

We would love for you to be a part of the amazing work that the Lord is doing in New Zealand! If you are interested, please click the “Support Us” link below.


If you would like to find out more about our ministry work, or have any questions, please visit our new website at
Keeping our eyes on Him,
Noah, Wendy, and Moira Schneider

2017 Plans
October – November: In California for Support Raising

Prayer Requests & Praises

– Please pray that we are able to raise the finances for the monthly support we need to begin our ministry in New Zealand.

– Pray for continued peace in the midst of transition from Germany to New Zealand.

– Pray for wisdom and strength as we continue to learn how to parent Moira.

– Pray that God continues to draw people to experience His grace and forgiveness in NZ and around the world.

– Thanks to God for our visas being approved for all three of us for the next two years!

– Praise God for spending time in California with family, friends, and ministry partners!

– Thank God for his provision for our Launch Fund!

– Praise God that Noah was able to go to Germany for Steiger meetings and for organizing our household shipment to New Zealand.

– Praise God that His plans are greater than ours!

The Holding Pattern

The Holding Pattern

Being in a “Holding Pattern” is one way to describe our current season. While we have covered an incredible amount of distance during our 6 months of preparation for New Zealand, we are still waiting for one final step to take place before we can safely begin our “landing”. Here is an account of the journey so far:

Significant steps have been made! Now, we only need to finish raising our monthly financial support goal before we leave. To help us reach this goal, please find out how to partner with us in ministry by clicking HERE.

We are so, so grateful for everyone who is a part of our ministry team! We are blown away by the support and encouragement of those who have come around us as a sending community. More that ever before we are aware of the value of being part of a team. God did not design us to work or minister alone. We look forward to sharing with all of you what God is doing and going to do in New Zealand as we go on this journey together!

Little Ms. Moira

Little Ms. Moira

Moira grows and grows before our very eyes. She constantly astounds us with her new words and the way she sees the world. Right now she is totally obsessed with the story of Lazarus and wants us to read that part of her children’s Bible every night. She continues to love dancing and having tea parties. She often talks about people we have spent time with over the course of the year, especially her cousins.


“What Exactly Will You Be Doing?”

“What Exactly Will You Be Doing?”

One of the most common questions we have received during our time meeting with Ministry Partners and raising financial support in the States is “What exactly will you be doing?” Up to this point our answer has been to refer back to the overall vision and goals of the current Steiger New Zealand team. We have recently been working with our ministry leader to develop our specific ministry roles and responsibilities. These roles can be broken up into three areas: What we will each be doing and what we will be responsible for together.

Noah will be involved in leading, developing, and participating in various projects. In terms of leadership and development, he will be overseeing Jandal Journeys and Street Interviews. Jandal (a New Zealand term for sandals) Journeys is “a ministry opportunity for those who want to share the love of Jesus with backpackers while traveling around New Zealand.” Beginning in Tauranga, backpackers will be trained in the areas of how to communicate cross-culturally and how to share their faith with people they meet during their journey. Noah will also be leading the Street Interview ministry. This evangelistic team goes out regularly to the city Tauranga and interviews people with a microphone and video camera. By asking them questions about life, faith, and other current issues this team seeks to engage the local community and begin a conversation that ultimately points to an invitation to know God. Noah will also be involved in pastoral care, Steiger NZ social media, and helping to organize the monthly Open Mic Nights hosted at The Wharf Community House.

Wendy will also be involved in developing and participating in various ministries. Her focus will be both the areas of discipleship and creativity. When we arrive in New Zealand Wendy will help to develop the overall discipleship that we provide to new or pre- Christians that are impacted by our ministry. This will include personal discipleship, as well as discipleship tools that we provide online. One specific tool that she will help to develop is an App that was created by Steiger New Zealand called Jesus Words Meditation. Jesus Words contains guided audio-meditations centered on Jesus’ words in Scripture. This ministry has a huge reach and is an incredibly relevant tool to pass on to those we meet traveling through Tauranga. Wendy will also be heavily involved in the area creative ministries. One specific ministry is the Match Box Collective. This group is made up of Christian artists committed to using art to share the Gospel in Tauranga, New Zealand, and the World. So far this ministry has developed a variety of shows and galleries focused on engaging the public on current issues and topics and then introducing the hope found in having a relationship with Jesus.

In addition to our individual responsibilities, as a family we will also have the incredible opportunity to host backpackers in our home on a regular basis! Sharing God’s love though hospitality, generosity, and intentional community is something that is very important to us as a family. This is type of ministry that we have been involved with for the length of our ministry with Steiger in Minnesota, Germany, and now New Zealand. We feel very honored to be able to continue to practice and mature in this passion of ours. Along with many other people that are part of Steiger New Zealand we will be joining the Couchsurfing Network, an online resource connecting backpackers with homes with available space to stay while traveling.

If you have any further questions about what we will be doing, please feel free to let us know by sending us an email at