“For I Know The Plans I Have For You”

“For I Know The Plans I Have For You”

A Schneider Newsletter Update: September – October 2017

In a race you run the part of the course where you currently are but always with the goal in mind. It’s a constant forward movement that is always “in-process.” At some point during a long race, most people hit “The Wall,” a feeling of feeling stalled and not be able to going further. But, it’s vital to push past this “Wall”, taking one step at a time and to keep the finish line in mind. We are running the race of obedience as we are “in-process” in getting to New Zealand and serving there.

God’s faithfulness continues to amaze us during our furlough in the States. We have lived for short stints in three different states: Illinois, Minnesota, and California. These included visits to Iowa, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Tennessee to receive ministry training and to see family, friends, and supporters on our ministry team! God has been with us during our travels, connecting us with people who love Him and are excited to see how God is going to use us in New Zealand. We had no idea what our time would look like or that God would guide us to go to New Zealand next. Yet, in all of our journey we have recognized a need to trust Him deeper and in more areas of our lives and ministry. Over the next month we want to press into Him more as we trust Him for guidance and provision. While we are not yet in New Zealand, we have a sense of urgency as we continue towards our goal of moving in November.

This newsletter update is dedicated to giving you a report of Noah’s month of work in Germany, a look into our upcoming roles with Steiger International in New Zealand, and an update on how little Moira is growing and developing. Read on!

Rückkehr nach Deutschland

From September 27th – October 17th Noah had the opportunity to travel back to our past home in Germany. Part of his time was devoted to attending the Annual Steiger International Gathering at the International Center. This time was set aside for Steiger Missionaries, Volunteers, and ministry friends to reflect on the past year, praise God for His faithfulness, and pray about future ministry plans. This was an incredible time of fellowship and encouragement!

After this week long meeting, the Missionaries had an extended time of ministry training. This was the first time Steiger has provided this special time of Missionary Care and it was amazing! Noah attended many workshops including Marriage Enrichment, Raising Kids in Ministry, and a Ministry Debrief. We’re already looking forward to attending more of these times of development in years to come!

In addition to to these times of fellowship and development, Noah was also in Krögis to prepare our home for the move to New Zealand. This meant going through all of our previously stored belongings and separating out what we would ship to our new home and what we could give away. While not an easy task, it turned out to be an additional helpful and cathartic step towards ending our season in Germany.

One of the other highlights of Noah’s time in Germany was being able to once again attend our church in Meißen, Jesus Zentrum. This community became an incredibly important part of our family during our three years in the area. We couldn’t imagine how our life without them would have been! They walked with us during all of our Ups and Downs and were always a support and encouragement to us. Even though we will not be with them anymore physically, we know that they are our “Freunde fürs Leben”!

“What Exactly Will You Be Doing?”

One of the most common questions we have received during our time meeting with Ministry Partners and raising financial support in the States is “What exactly will you be doing?” Up to this point our answer has been to refer back to the overall vision and goals of the current Steiger New Zealand team. We have recently been working with our ministry leader to develop our specific ministry roles and responsibilities. These roles can be broken up into three areas: What we will each be doing and what we will be responsible for together.

Noah will be involved in leading, developing, and participating in various projects. In terms of leadership and development, he will be overseeing Jandal Journeys and Street Interviews. Jandal (a New Zealand term for sandals) Journeys is “a ministry opportunity for those who want to share the love of Jesus with backpackers while traveling around New Zealand.” Beginning in Tauranga, backpackers will be trained in the areas of how to communicate cross-culturally and how to share their faith with people they meet during their journey. Noah will also be leading the Street Interview ministry. This evangelistic team goes out regularly to the city Tauranga and interviews people with a microphone and video camera. By asking them questions about life, faith, and other current issues this team seeks to engage the local community and begin a conversation that ultimately points to an invitation to know God. Noah will also be involved in pastoral care, Steiger NZ social media, and helping to organize the monthly Open Mic Nights hosted at The Wharf Community House.

Wendy will also be involved in developing and participating in various ministries. Her focus will be both the areas of discipleship and creativity. When we arrive in New Zealand Wendy will help to develop the overall discipleship that we provide to new or pre- Christians that are impacted by our ministry. This will include personal discipleship, as well as discipleship tools that we provide online. One specific tool that she will help to develop is an App that was created by Steiger New Zealand called Jesus Words Meditation. Jesus Words contains guided audio-meditations centered on Jesus’ words in Scripture. This ministry has a huge reach and is an incredibly relevant tool to pass on to those we meet traveling through Tauranga. Wendy will also be heavily involved in the area creative ministries. One specific ministry is the Match Box Collective. This group is made up of Christian artists committed to using art to share the Gospel in Tauranga, New Zealand, and the World. So far this ministry has developed a variety of shows and galleries focused on engaging the public on current issues and topics and then introducing the hope found in having a relationship with Jesus.

In addition to our individual responsibilities, as a family we will also have the incredible opportunity to host backpackers in our home on a regular basis! Sharing God’s love though hospitality, generosity, and intentional community is something that is very important to us as a family. This is type of ministry that we have been involved with for the length of our ministry with Steiger in Minnesota, Germany, and now New Zealand. We feel very honored to be able to continue to practice and mature in this passion of ours. Along with many other people that are part of Steiger New Zealand we will be joining the Couchsurfing Network, an online resource connecting backpackers with homes with available space to stay while traveling.

If you have any further questions about what we will be doing, please feel free to let us know by sending us an email at schnieder@gmail.com.

Little Ms. Moira

Moira grows and grows before our very eyes. She constantly astounds us with her new words and the way she sees the world. Right now she is totally obsessed with the story of Lazarus and wants us to read that part of her children’s Bible every night. She continues to love dancing and having tea parties. She often talks about people we have spent time with over the course of the year, especially her cousins.




The Holding Pattern

Being in a “Holding Pattern” is one way to describe our current season. While we have covered an incredible amount of distance during our 6 months of preparation for New Zealand, we are still waiting for one final step to take place before we can safely begin our “landing”. Here is an account of the journey so far:

Significant steps have been made! Now, we only need to finish raising our monthly financial support goal before we leave. To help us reach this goal, please find out how to partner with us in ministry by clicking HERE.

We are so, so grateful for everyone who is a part of our ministry team! We are blown away by the support and encouragement of those who have come around us as a sending community. More that ever before we are aware of the value of being part of a team. God did not design us to work or minister alone. We look forward to sharing with all of you what God is doing and going to do in New Zealand as we go on this journey together!

Get Involved With What God Is Doing In New Zealand!

Please pray about joining us as a Ministry Partner in this next season of our life and ministry! As we prepare for our move to New Zealand we are continuing to look for more people to join us as monthly supporters. We have been so encouraged by the incredible ways the Lord has been faithful to provide for and sustain us in our previous years of ministry.

We would love for you to be a part of the amazing work that the Lord is doing in New Zealand! If you are interested, please click the “Support Us” link below.


If you would like to find out more about our ministry work, or have any questions, please visit our new website at www.noahandwendy.com.
Keeping our eyes on Him,
Noah, Wendy, and Moira Schneider

2017 Plans
October – November: In California for Support Raising

Prayer Requests & Praises

– Please pray that we are able to raise the finances for the monthly support we need to begin our ministry in New Zealand.

– Pray for continued peace in the midst of transition from Germany to New Zealand.

– Pray for wisdom and strength as we continue to learn how to parent Moira.

– Pray that God continues to draw people to experience His grace and forgiveness in NZ and around the world.

– Thanks to God for our visas being approved for all three of us for the next two years!

– Praise God for spending time in California with family, friends, and ministry partners!

– Thank God for his provision for our Launch Fund!

– Praise God that Noah was able to go to Germany for Steiger meetings and for organizing our household shipment to New Zealand.

– Praise God that His plans are greater than ours!


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