House To Home: February – March Update

House To Home: February – March Update

What a difference a couple months can make! Since arriving in Tauranga, NZ in December we have seen the Lord move in our life in such amazing ways. In addition to finding a wonderful car that perfectly suits our family’s needs, we also found a new house! It is incredible the ways that the Lord has answered our prayers, even some of the more hopeful and unique requests. Some of the special “gifts” that have come with this home are a large beautiful yard for Moira to play in, extra space to host friends and backpackers, and a landlord that understands and supports our vision for ministry. God is so good!

While a good amount of our time has been spent settling into our home, the Lord has also presented us with many opportunities for ministry. In January Wendy was asked by a young woman volunteering at our backpacker ministry, The Wharf, to be baptized. The baptism took place in the Pacific Ocean and was a beautiful moment of public declaration of her love for God! In early February we were invited to teach at a discipleship school in Wellington called “Welcome Home.” This school is led by some dear friends of ours and was filled with wonderful students hungry to explore the deeper reality of following God.


Towards the end of the month Noah had the opportunity to both preach at a local church on “Being Called” and to help lead one of our monthly Open Mic Nights. (If you would like to watch the sermon, click HERE.) This event took place outdoors in a busy spot in Tauranga’s City Center and was attended by more than 130 locals and international backpackers. The goal of the Open Mic Night is to not only give people the opportunity to share their talent, but to also connect with them personally and share the love of Jesus. It was a wonderful evening! To see more photos and videos of the event, visit The Wharf’s Facebook page by clicking HERE.


Moira’s New Adventure!

Moira has started Preschool! One of our prayer requests when we knew we would be moving to New Zealand was for God to lead us to the right Kindy (New Zealand name for Preschool) for Moira. We have been so blessed to find a Preschool that we not only like, but one that is only a 10 minute walk from our home!

Since day one, Moira has loved her experience in Kindy. She has already made some great friends, is developing her social skills, and is discovering new things about the New Zealand culture. Here she gets to learn how to use new tools, practice her Maori (the native language), and go on little adventures in the area. A few days ago she told us that she was able to play with a shark! A little surprised and confused, we asked her teachers the next day what Moira may have been talking about. Sure enough, they had not only brought a recently deceased small shark to class, but also dissected it so the kids could learn how bodies work. Wow! We don’t remember doing that in our Preschools!


We hope that this update has found you well. As always, to find out more of what we are doing with our life and ministry in New Zealand please check out our social media links at the bottom of this newsletter.

Thank you for all of your love, encouragement, and support. God is good!

Much love,
Noah, Wendy, and Moira Schneider

Upcoming Events– March 16-17: Steiger NZ Training Weekend

– March 31: Easter Outreach

– April 28: Open Mic Night

Prayer Requests & Praises– Please pray for the Lord to move powerfully in our upcoming local events.

– Praise the Lord for providing us with a reliable car & a wonderful home so soon after our arrival in NZ!

– Praise the Lord for the fruit we have seen in each of our ministry activities!

– Please pray for the remaining amount of monthly financial support we have yet to raise.

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