Rückkehr nach Deutschland

Rückkehr nach Deutschland

From September 27th – October 17th Noah had the opportunity to travel back to our past home in Germany. Part of his time was devoted to attending the Annual Steiger International Gathering at the International Center. This time was set aside for Steiger Missionaries, Volunteers, and ministry friends to reflect on the past year, praise God for His faithfulness, and pray about future ministry plans. This was an incredible time of fellowship and encouragement!

After this week long meeting, the Missionaries had an extended time of ministry training. This was the first time Steiger has provided this special time of Missionary Care and it was amazing! Noah attended many workshops including Marriage Enrichment, Raising Kids in Ministry, and a Ministry Debrief. We’re already looking forward to attending more of these times of development in years to come!

In addition to to these times of fellowship and development, Noah was also in Krögis to prepare our home for the move to New Zealand. This meant going through all of our previously stored belongings and separating out what we would ship to our new home and what we could give away. While not an easy task, it turned out to be an additional helpful and cathartic step towards ending our season in Germany.

One of the other highlights of Noah’s time in Germany was being able to once again attend our church in Meißen, Jesus Zentrum. This community became an incredibly important part of our family during our three years in the area. We couldn’t imagine how our life without them would have been! They walked with us during all of our Ups and Downs and were always a support and encouragement to us. Even though we will not be with them anymore physically, we know that they are our “Freunde fürs Leben”!





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